More than just a concrete company.


Little Feet Concrete, Inc. is a locally-owned company specializing in residential and commercial concrete construction. We love concrete and fulfill a variety of needs with concrete replacement, new construction, slabs, drains, sidewalks, parking lots, and more.  

Why should you choose us? Because our work is done with pride by American Concrete Institute (ACI) certified professionals and fulfills the highest standards set by the ACI. We are prompt in reviewing work, scheduling projects, and fulfilling your construction needs. Quality work is our top priority, and we care about you, our customer.

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Residential Concrete

Create an attractive driveway or sidewalk for your home with one of the most durable and cost-effective materials used today. Concrete is the perfect choice for a clean, low-maintenance, and beautiful look for your paved surfaces. 

Photo by microgen/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by microgen/iStock / Getty Images

Commercial Concrete

Quality construction starts with quality concrete and placement.  We are passionate about understanding and using the right kind of material and placement techniques to ensure your project gets off to a sound start.

Maintenance & Repair

Daily wear and tear and winter damage all take their toll on concrete surfaces. We can help! Little Feet offers a wide range of services in maintenance and repair to keep your home looking its best!

Decorative Concrete

Concrete is now one of the top choices for patios, flooring, entryways, and more! We will help you create attractive and inviting outdoor spaces where you'll relax and enjoy gathering with your friends and family.


Pressure Washing/Sealing

Pressure washing is a fast and easy way to revitalize tired-looking concrete driveways, walkways, or patios. Years of dirt and grime are washed away in moments, and the original beauty of your concrete surface is restored.

Epoxy Floors

An epoxy finish is a tough and durable choice that blends beauty and function. It's a great choice for garages, basements, and other flooring that receives a lot of wear and tear. An epoxy finish is something you'll enjoy for years to come.